Objective of the research project ‘Anti-Circumvention of Standards for better market Surveillance (ANTICSS)’ is to assess and clearly define ‘circumvention’ in relation to EU Ecodesign and Energy labelling legislation and relevant harmonised standards.

This report summarizes and consolidates the various results of the previous ANTICSS activities which includes the outcomes of the ANTICSS product testing. The specific test results of product categories and products are analysed in a way to check if certain ‘circumvention habits’ can be identified that can be generalized, i.e. being applicable also to other product categories not tested within the ANTICSS project. 

The aim of this report is being the basis for the preparation of technical guidelines for capacity building of Market Surveillance Authorities (MSAs) and test laboratories as well as derivation of recommendations for policy makers and standardisation organisations. 

Full report on circumvention habits identified: