The AntiCSS project has investigated and tested numerous products from within several product categories - ranging from air-conditioners and space heaters, through televisions, to ovens, driers, refrigerators, etc. - and elaborated targeted guidelines, decision tree flowchart, and other documentation for the Market Surveillance Authorities. 

The project team has also published the laboratory test reports and organised a dedicated event for the MSA representatives. All the respective documents are now available to MSA representatives here: 

Guidelines and tools for MSAs to target circumvention (May 2021)

Flowchart: ANTICSS approach of a verification procedure to target ‘circumvention’ 

Presentation from an online workshop for MSAs 12.5.2021:

Video: Presentation from the online event here (12.5.2021, 140 MB) 

Alternative test methods (December 2019)

Test reports for individual product categories (October 2020 and May 2021) 

Please do contact the project organisers in case of your interest for more information.