Laboratories, Market Surveillance Authorities and Certification Institutes play a key role in product testing and are at the front line for detecting possible circumvention. 

Manufacturers and experts are deeply involved in product design and standardization. 

However, currently, there is no ample knowledge or experience in dealing with circumvention and jeopardy effects in respect to the environmental aspects or potential reputation damage for the manufacturer.

Since 2018, the ANTICSS has been researching this area. With a view to supporting all stakeholders in specifically tackling circumvention, VDE together with Oeko-Institute and University of Bonn are organizing a 90-minute online workshop at 29th of June

On the agenda:

• Introduction of the ANTICSS project
• ‘Circumvention’ as new topic in European legislation
• ANTICSS definition for ‘circumvention’ and ‘jeopardy effects’; ‘alternative‘ test methods
• Real-life cases and impacts of ‚circumvention‘ and ‚jeopardy effects‘
• Assessment of lost energy savings by circumvention
• Implications for suppliers and further responsibilities of relevant stakeholder groups (regulators, Market Surveillance Authorities, test laboratories, standardization) 

More information and registration: Programme - ANTICSS_29.6.2021.pdf